Modern Mother Teresa

We had planned to spend time on Sunday sight-seeing. Mother Teresa’s house was on our list. God had another idea. Below is Pastor Kirk’s description of the day which was sent to the staff of Cascade Church. It’s longer than most posts but well worth the time.

“It was nice to get to sleep in a bit and grab some breakfast before heading to attend the service at the Good News Church in Kolkata. Pastor Subir arrived with a car and we drove to their new church building. The service started at 11:00 with an extended worship set and we were introduced at around 11:45. They presented each of us with a small bouquet of flowers.

Nate preached for over an hour on trusting God in difficult circumstances and then they sang several more songs. Maybe 75% of the attenders were women or children but they seemed very attentive to the message and engaged in worship.

The service finally ended at 1:30 pm and then a number of women came forward with babies they wanted to dedicate. We stood at the back of the room and many of the 250 people waited to shake our hand. Even more interesting was that many leaned down and touched both of our feet and then the top of their own head. Apparently, this is a bengali sign of respect.

Following the service, lunch is served as some of the people walk a long distance to attend church and they are not anxious to head home. We sat in a small room and ate with Subir and his family and a few other leaders.

After lunch, a number of people had waited in hopes that we might pray over them. Two women came that have been unable to have children so we laid hands on them. We then took a tour of their facility which is still under construction in some parts. They hope to add a bakery soon to provide cheaper food for the many children’s ministries they have. They talked of stepping into the project on faith and having to depend on God to provide the resources to complete the construction. Familiar territory!

We then headed out with Subir and his wife and we drove around Kolkata seeing the many ministries they have started. We saw an Infant Clinic where they provide clothing, food and education for young mothers that are very poor. We also visited a building that is being renovated that will house a pastor training center and small school for the local community. Their ministry currently runs 8 schools around the city that provides education for 2000 children. Many of them homeless.

We then went to visit their two orphanages located in a small village. They currently house 87 young girls in one and 99 boys in the other from 5-17 year of age. Most of them come from the streets and do not have parents. After attending one of their schools for 6 months, the kids then qualify to live in the orphanage.

These kids are given a new lease on life and you could see a peace and joy in their eyes. They sang a few songs and did a dance for us. We were then able to pray over them. It is difficult to put into words what it is like to see little ones that would face terrible circumstances without this kind of ministry. Many of the girls would likely face some form of trafficking. They are now able to live at the house until they finish high school and can go to college. The kids called us “uncle” and wanted to play, especially the boys. I think each of us held back emotion as many of the boys wanted a hug and were hesitant to let go. Happy Father’s Day! Again, an experience that will not be forgotten.

Clearly God orchestrated todays events.’

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It is very encouraging to hear what is happening and how God is at work all over the world. It definitly broadens my perspective. I am continuing to pray for the 4 of you. Bless you for your sacrifice and openness of heart and mind. Jill

    Jill Langan | Jun 18, 2012 | Reply

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